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Paper printing anti-counterfeiting technology application

2017-01-13 16:09:49 Zhuhai Hamah Industrial Co., Ltd. Read

At present all kinds of securities, banking or finance, insurance, social security and other departments of valuable documents, tickets, ship ticket quite in a wide range of securities, such as are included in the category of paper printing anti-counterfeiting, generally speaking, the new anti-counterfeiting technology application in paper printing is roughly divided into the following categories:
Anti-counterfeiting holographic logo positioning hot stamping technology.Positioning of hot stamping technology difficulty is very high, it requires that the printing factory have precision positioning hot stamping equipment: in hot stamping label can use all the common holographic anti-counterfeiting technology, such as pixel hologram, true color, synthetic technology such as encryption, carved, photochemical anaglyph, can have excellent anti-counterfeit effect. 
Miniature printed text anti-counterfeiting technology.Miniature words printing anti-counterfeiting technology is to use small words or letters instead of a simple outline or line, etc.In the commercial paper printing, miniature text - using offset printing, group and by commercial paper printing machine, offset printing unit to complete.
Rainbowprinting anti-counterfeitingtechnology.The rainbow printing anti-counterfeiting technology, it is in accordance with the requirements of commercial paper printing, can print a variety of color, and soft color transition in the middle.Rainbow printing effect with the method of multi-color overprint is difficult to achieve, and it is hard to see on commercial paper ink fountain in the exact location of partition of of all kinds, yez even imitated with rainbow printing method is difficult to determine the baffle spacing, thereby increasing the false purpose is difficult.If use this process on the background of large area, the anti-counterfeit effect is more obvious. 
Bill special anti-counterfeiting printing technology.Has the forgery prevention, anti-counterfeiting filling, easy to identify, etc.Paper special anti-counterfeiting printing technology, has realized the combining coating and printing process, do it with printing in coating, printing coating, no a single technology can complete.The technology that applies to more than triple or triple paper printing.Color coating in the printing process, and implement in the process of coating printing, the printing of invoices is very strict with sex, has left anyone don't conform to the requirements of the bill out, it can effectively curb the invoice of falsely making out.

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