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The three main technical difficulties of the offset printing machine

2017-01-13 16:14:06 Zhuhai Hamah Industrial Co., Ltd. Read

At present, many printing enterprise exists the shortage of operating personnel, especially the captain of the offset press operation independently, is hard to get, printing enterprise was "the poacher" phenomenon is very common, and operating personnel wages is rising, which brings to the printing enterprise at a huge cost pressure.In addition, the skill of the operators will directly affect the print quality.Therefore, enhance the automation of offset printing machine is around the corner, it can not only reduce the number of operating personnel, will also reduce because of the low level of operator skill of print quality problems. Zhuhai Hamah, introduces the technical difficulties of the offset printing machine, no simple analysis. 

The main technical difficulties no offset press

1. The control algorithm
In the feedback control of the offset printing machine, unmanned, RIP software parsing out the dot size, color saturation, reticle alignment condition data, such as still need to pass control algorithm to calculate the amount of ink to adjust motor, regulating volume, version of the regulation of motor and regulating quantity, what kind of mathematical model and control algorithm which USES the model parameters, how to choose, how to achieve the best effect, etc., all need to slowly groping in practice. 
2. The bus controller
Bus controller general PCI slots connected to the computer through a computer, and up and computer data exchange and command, down directly receive data and send to sensor and relay control command, as a result, the communication speed should not be less than 100 MB/s.Can bus controller adopts PLC optical coupling isolation technology development of the class structure, its not only communication speed, and to make it stronger versatility, anti-jamming, conducive to the transformation and upgrading of products. 
3. ACC water sensor
Printing process, because water film is thin, the ACC water flow sensors to detect tiny changes in water yield and anti-jamming is very difficult.ACC water sensor, therefore, should not use ordinary infrared sensors, and laser sensors should be adopted, and a high gain, high stability of the amplifier, and the joint development of photoelectric sensor manufacturers may be considered. 
Using unmanned offset press, the operator will only cutting good paper on the feeding machine, the removal of printed products, and no one in the office offset press remote networked computer input several set parameters, the other work can be completed by unmanned automatic offset press, to eliminate the dependence on operator, printing printing quality is more stable and reliable, and more efficient.In addition, can also be embedded wireless card on no one offset press, through the cable connected to the Internet network, realizes the unmanned offset press remote control, remote monitoring, diagnosis and automatically generate reports, fully automatic and intelligent level of ascension.

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